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    Please Note:
    This course allows you access as either a GUEST or as an ENROLLED STUDENT.  If you wish to observe how playing the SCORM games as graded assignments interacts with the grade book, you must ENROLL.  The course is configured to allow you to self-enroll.  Your self-enrollment is completed through an automatically generated e-mail, sent to you, normally within a few moments of your submitting self-enrollment.  To enroll, go to the LOGIN SCREEN and select the option indicating that this is your "first time here" and create a new login.  After that, enroll in the course.

    Follow these steps to make use of this resource:

    1. Visit the Exploratorium & Gallery, and play-test the various games.
    2. Select the game(s) you would like to download and use.
    3. Download the .zip package containing the desired game(s).
    4. On your computer, unzip the package, and explore the sub-folder named "html5game" to locate the file "quiz.enc".
    5. Using a plain-text editor (such as Notepad), create your "quiz" game file containing questions and answers ("terms" and "definitions").
    6. Your quiz must contain at least 4 "questions", and must be in the format: term <<tab>> definition <<newline>> or...
    7. the format: definition <<tab>> term <<newline>>
    8. I recommend the latter, as it tends to be clearer and more space-efficient within the qGames. Note that the <<>> characters are omitted -- I've used them to offset the tab and newline codes.
    9. Copy and paste your formatted, plain-text quiz into the Quiz Encoder Page found on this site.  Click the convert button (correct any errors and repeat until you succeed).
    10. Copy the encoded text from the Quiz Encoder Page, and paste it into the "quiz.enc" file from step #4 above, replacing any existing text.
    11. Edit the imsmanifest.xml file found in the root of the folder you unzipped in step #4 above using a plain-text editor, such as Notepad.
    12.   Replace the text between the <title> and </title> tags with the name you wish to use for your SCORM game package.  For example, you might replace qAsteroids Gen2 with the text Chapter 1 Vocabulary qAsteroids Game.  Be sure to replace both occurrences of the original name, and save the file.
    13. Zip the contents of the folder you unzipped in step #4 above into a new Zip file (note: the root of the zip file should contain the html5game folder, favicon.ico, imsmanifest.xml, and index.html.  If you create a whose root contains the folder which in turn contains these files, some LMS systems (e.g. Moodle) will not properly process your SCORM file.  Others (e.g. Canvas) will work anyway).
    14. Upload your SCORM package to your LMS, and follow the procedure for your LMS for configuring grading, display in new browser window, and other settings as desired.  Details should be available in the documentation for the LMS you are using.
    15. Alternatively, you can upload your zip package to a website or HTML game hosting site, such as  Once uploaded, the .zip file should be unzipped, and the index.html file set as the home page/default page for the environment you are using.  
    16. You are now ready to share and enjoy your new learning game!

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      This link will take you to a Google Drive repository, where you may download the latest qGame SCORM Packages.  These may be used in a Learning Management System as a SCORM package (including automatic grading), or you may use the HTML content on a website, or on an HTML game host, such as