Cleaning pan-sized trout is really a pretty quick and simple task. I offer my unusual twist on this -- skinning the trout. Several members of my family don't like "fishy"-tasting fish. Many of the oils that give fish that "fishy" taste are concentrated in the skin, so removing the skin can result in a lighter flavor (personally, I like trout either way).

I demonstrate the basic cleaning technique, and also my method for easily skinning a trout.

As with any food prep, proper hygiene and safe food handling practices are essential, and must be followed from the moment that the fish is harvested to them moment it is consumed.

Bonus tip:

Want to avoid fishy-smelling hands? Do this:

  1. As always, start your food prep by washing your hands in hot soapy water, and dry them thoroughly.
  2. Then, before you begin, coat your hands with vegetable oil (a pretty neutral odor). This will make your skin absorb less of the fish oils as you handle the fish (you can sprinkle some table salt onto your hands if the vegetable oil makes your grip to slick).
  3. After finishing the food prep, wash your hands in hot soapy water again, and dry them thoroughly. Then, squeeze a dollop of toothpaste onto your clean, dry hands, and scrub them together vigorously, rinse clean, and dry. Minty-fresh hands, no fishy smell!

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