Carolyn at Dehy Park, September 2001

Carolyn at Dehy Park, circa September, 2001

This course is dedicated to my wonderful grandchildren: Emmanuel, Nathaniel, Joy, Jeremy, E. and Z.  

I created this course at the request of my daughter, in the time of Covid-19, when she is dealing with the challenge of home-schooling and entertaining 6 wonderfully crazy-making high energy kids, and Nana and I are dealing with the agonizing hours of not being able to spoil them and love them up!

If you are a guest here, welcome!  

The goal of this course is to explore many aspects of California's Eastern Sierra Nevada: flora, fauna, natural history, geography, geology, and the history of its residents, from the Ancients to present day.  I hope to entertain and educate (principally my grand kids), and to share some of the things I've learned about my beloved Sierras, and perhaps engender that love in others.

We'll do a little art, a little science, and have a lot of fun along the way!  (There may also be hijinx, and more than a few tall tales, especially involving unlikely events prominently featuring fish of improbable size, frequently at times when the camera battery was dead or the camera inadvertently left back at the car.)

Much love,


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