Did you know you can earn badges by completing specific activities in the Learning Adventures of the Easter Sierra Nevada course? 

Badges are a symbol of your learning and mastery of specific concepts in the course.  Challenge your friends, and see who can be the first to earn a specific badge, or who can earn all the badges pertaining to an area of study, or who can earn the most badges!

You can see the list of available badges, as well as the learning activities you must complete to earn them.

Here are some of the badges availalble so far:

 Artist I - Landscapes

 Astronomer I 

 Botanist I - Conifers

 Botanist II - Deciduous Trees

 Geologist Badge

 Mammalogist I

 Marmot Badge

 Mathematician I

 Mathematician II 

 Mono Lake

Naturalist Badge

 Ornithologist I

 Photographer I

Vasquez Rocks Badge

 Volcanologist I

 Volcanologist II

Which badge will you earn next?

Last modified: Thursday, 13 August 2020, 11:32 AM