A photo of a bearded Ansel Adams with a camera on a tripod and a light meter in his hand. Adams is wearing a dark jacket and a white shirt, and the open shirt collar is spread over the lapel of his jacket. He is holding a cable release for the camera, and there is a rocky hillside behind him. The photo was taken by J. Malcolm Greany and first appeared in the 1950 Yosemite Field School Yearbook.

Ansel Adams is perhaps one of the best known photographers and visual storyteller/documenter of "Yosemite and the Range of Light".  An environmentalist and voice for this critical wilderness, his work has won renown for both its beauty and for it's ability to communicate the precious and awe-inspiring spirit of this region.

This short video, "Ansel Adams: Photography With Intention" is an excellent, short introduction to the work of Ansel Adams, it's relevance, and its technical merits.  It is a useful introduction of Adams' for anyone, and may be especially suitable for younger audiences:

Here is a feature-length documentary on Adams' life and work.  Its pace and length may be most suitable for adult audiences:

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